Day 18: Proekt 365 (Even when we’re sad)

Day 18: Proekt 365 Cheeky Che Fufu. Need I say more?

Day 18: Proekt 365
Cheeky Che Fufu. Need I say more?

We’re not in the happiest of moods today. A very early morning finds us awake and readying for Jr Cuban’s departure. We’re all sad.

And, then there’s this. Our darling beast of a cat, who is sassy, cheeky, silly and utterly uncatlike most of the time. Vying for some early morning affection, I caught her in this pose. This is not an unusual pose.

After we return from the airport one human (aka tool) short, she’ll be just as needy and sad as us humans are. This is why we love her so. She is an extension of us. Yet, even when we just want to curl up in little balls and cry our eyes out, she has the ability to make us smile / laugh / giggle wildly.

Thank you, Che Fufu. We’re still hoping to clone you.

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