Day 29: Proekt 365 (Che Fufu loves her birdie)

Day 29: Proekt 365 Che Fufu loves her birdie

Day 29: Proekt 365
Che Fufu loves her birdie

Precious few hours this week have been spent anywhere other than sat right in front of my computer screens. Most likely, that trend will continue. My desk is a mess of papers and pens and paperclips and tea and coffee stains. I’d say I’m sick of it, but … I’m not.

One daily respite is when The Cuban and Che Fufu put in a little kitty cardio and she chases her little birdie from one end of the flat to the other. She leaps. She slides. She shakes her butt and looks vicious. She attacks. (And, if we’re very lucky, she launches herself towards one piece of furniture or another only to miss it completely.) Lovely moments. And, extremely entertaining that kitty cardio.

Today’s image doesn’t capture Che Fufu in all her playful glory. Rather, it shows the aftermath. Sweetly curled up sleeping soundly with her beloved birdie. How she can go from chewing and clawing the little thing as if it was a real bird she wished to rip the head from to then curling up with it as if it was her security blanket, I’ll never understand. But, then, I do not think ‘cat’. I especially do not think ‘Che Fufu’.

Sleep well, darling beastie. For tomorrow you shall hunt. Same time. Same place. Same precious birdie.

Day 26: Proekt 365 (She hoo shall be named ‘Cheek’)

Day 26: Proekt 365 Owl? Or Queen of Cheek?

Day 26: Proekt 365
Owl? Or Queen of Cheek?

Today, I was quite fortunate to have been graced by the Queen of Cheek honouring me by settling on my lap for all of 15 minutes. Does she do so looking sweet and thoroughly cat-like? Does she curl up in a little ball and wrap her tail around her head? Nope. She comes wearing her owl face.

Oh, Che Fufu. I keep expecting you to hoot.

The affections of my cat come when she wants to give them. Yes, I know. If I wanted unconditional and constant affection, I should’ve gotten a dog. But, you see…Che Fufu is my cat, but my husband’s dog.

When I call her, she looks at me as if I were an annoying mosquito or puppy that jumps and keeps inviting her to play, with an expression that says, ‘You must be kidding, human’. Yet, my husband calls her, and she runs and leaps over furniture to get to him as fast as her little legs will carry her and flies through the air with much grace and ease.

I’ll take what I can get and enjoy her attention when she gives it. The remainder of the time we have an understanding: I, human with opposable thumbs, will feed her, clean her littler box, clean up her hair, hairballs and stray bits of litter that are constantly tracked through the house and play and pet her when she wishes; she, cat with a mind utterly her own, will grace me with affection at her own pace, when she wishes and will also leave signs of her love in the form of hairballs and bits of stray litter everywhere.

But, isn’t she lovely?

Day 18: Proekt 365 (Even when we’re sad)

Day 18: Proekt 365 Cheeky Che Fufu. Need I say more?

Day 18: Proekt 365
Cheeky Che Fufu. Need I say more?

We’re not in the happiest of moods today. A very early morning finds us awake and readying for Jr Cuban’s departure. We’re all sad.

And, then there’s this. Our darling beast of a cat, who is sassy, cheeky, silly and utterly uncatlike most of the time. Vying for some early morning affection, I caught her in this pose. This is not an unusual pose.

After we return from the airport one human (aka tool) short, she’ll be just as needy and sad as us humans are. This is why we love her so. She is an extension of us. Yet, even when we just want to curl up in little balls and cry our eyes out, she has the ability to make us smile / laugh / giggle wildly.

Thank you, Che Fufu. We’re still hoping to clone you.