Day 2: Proekt 365

Day 2: Proekt 365 reminder that my

Day 2: Proekt 365 

We don’t do holiday / birthday gifts much in our house. Rather than fret about and participate in the commercialisation of various holidays and occasions, we tend to buy random gifts when we see them and as ways of surprising one another and ‘spend’ those holidays / occasions just being together and without the pressure of the ‘perfect gift’. Nothing is truly a Christmas, birthday, anniversary, [insert occasion of choice] gift. Instead, they are random acts of love and appreciation throughout the year.

Today, the latest gift from my darling husband arrived and I LOVE it. Why? Well, it’s bloody gorgeous and bright and cheerful, and from one of my favourite clothing lines — Desigual. But, mostly, it shows just how much my husband loves me and accepts me for me.

One of the last things I truly need is another handbag / messenger bag / bag of any sort. There are no less than 6 hanging from the back of my chair (which is where I keep the ones I use most often and switch between most frequently), 3 more in my desk (mostly for carrying my laptop), and then who knows how many in my closet. I definitely do not need another handbag. At all.

But, I desperately wanted this one when I saw it. It’s big, but not too big. It’s bright and pretty. And, it has just enough pockets and compartments both within and outside. Easy access to various bits is key in picking out any handbag. Plus, it is slightly expandable for when I decide I must carry just a little bit more. And, as if it needed anything else, it has a great big embroidered butterfly on the front. (I love butterflies of all sorts.)

I could have bought it for myself, and was planning on doing so. But, The Cuban decided that he would beat me to pulling the shopping cart trigger and bought it for me. Why? Because he loves me, and he knew it’d make me smile.

Smiling, I am. And, I shall definitely smile frequently whilst using this lovely, lovely gift from the person most important to me. Thank you, Sweet Pea! And, I promise, I won’t want a new bag for at least a few months! 🙂