Day 19: Proekt 365 (That which makes me smile)

Day 19: Proekt 365 That which makes me smile

Day 19: Proekt 365
That which makes me smile

Today has not gone at all to plan. At. All.

Largely my own doing, I’ve had a tedious, frustrating, would-rather-pull-the-covers-over-my-head sort of day. I’m behind and staring down the barrel of a deadline, I’m not feeling at all my best (sniff, sniff, cough, cough) and, quite frankly, I’d love nothing better than to pound my fists on my keyboard and desk rather than gently punch the keys at the moment. Yeap, not a great day.

Then, there’s the image above. My darling husband and cheeky cat have been incredibly patient all day with me. The Cuban quietly left the flat at the best of moments (largely because I was impossible and I suspect it was better out in the arctic blast than inside listening to me and my monumental meltdown of sighs and whines). Upon his return, I finally pulled myself away from the chains of my desk for a few moments to catch these two lovely beasts of mine in this pose.

How could my day not immediately improve?

It’s still a rather crappy day (again, mea culpa). But, it’s bearable due in large measure to the moments of loveliness and silliness my little furry family provides.

Thanks, my darlings! I couldn’t do it without you, and tomorrow will be infinitely better!