Day 8: Proekt 365


Day 8: Proekt 365
It’s taken me ages, but I’m finally happy with my workspace.

I love working from home. No long-distance commutes. No smelly, over-crowded bus / tram / metro to suffer through right along with the masses (which is what I did for years in Moscow). No need to rush out the door to make that 10 am meeting.

My commute is about a 15-m sleepy, bleary-eyed stumble, and essentially consists of walking from one end of our cozy flat to the other, whilst blindly making my morning coffee, and then back to the middle where my desk is happily sat waiting for me.

But, my workspace has not always been my most favourite place for a variety of issues. And, really, it ought to be — I spend the majority of my waking hours planted in front of it.

My laundry list of things that haven’t been right? Well…. let’s see.

The light isn’t right. My computer sucks (which it doesn’t; I’m just impatient and /or daft at moments). My desk chair is too soft. I don’t have enough space. I need another [insert non-essential essential item here]. I have found just about every reason on the planet to be dissatisfied with something at one moment or another.

Now, I finally feel as though my ‘office’ is perfect. It’s comfortable, efficient and productive, whilst also being just cluttered enough. All of the various tools of my trade are within easy reach or I can get to them easily enough. For those times when I need to ‘think’ through an issue / problem / puzzle, sufficient distractions await me and help pull me away from whatever it is for just long enough to sort through it mentally.  Most importantly, there is no tangle mess of 8003 cords. (I LOATHE those!)

Yep. I love my workspace. Hopefully, it loves me, too.