Day 15: Proekt 365 (Solitary bus rides)

Day 15: Proekt 365 A solitary bus rides with stunning views

Day 15: Proekt 365
A solitary bus rides with stunning views

I am continually amazed by two things in Finland: the incredible efficiency of the region’s public transport system, and stunning views and scenery when you least expect them.

Since we don’t drive in Finland, lacking both a car and a driver’s licence between us, we are completely dependent upon the public transportation system. Not only do trams, buses, and trains for Helsinki’s commuters go just about everywhere, a fantastic journey planner website (which is also available in English and available as a mobile application for various smartphone platforms) makes mapping out a route incredibly easy. We’re especially fortunate to have several routes which make reaching just about anywhere in the region quite simple. This makes getting around very easy for the car-less couple.

It’s rather amazing as well what you can see from various buses. People watching is always a treat. But, the scenery in Southern Finland can be particularly lovely. The views today traveling from downtown Helsinki to Espoo were absolutely stunning. With plentiful, bright winter sunshine falling across the frozen bays, the time on my journey passed all too quickly.

It’s a treat to live here on days like today. I can easily see how the quality of life for Finns is rated so highly so consistently.

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