Day 7: Proekt 365

Day 7: Proekt 365 And, now, a little time for rest and relaxation.

Day 7: Proekt 365
And, now, a little time for rest and relaxation.

I love being busy. And, the last few months, I’ve been exceptionally busy. Between work commitments and the holidays, I’ve scarcely had a day since November when my to-do list wasn’t overflowing.

Today, that daily fact of life shifts. All of my work is completed and all assignments have been returned to my various clients. Aside from a few administrative matters, I’m free to resume socialising and participating in life beyond my desk!

So, what’s on my now-clear agenda, you ask?

First and foremost, a little quality time with my husband. The poor guy has had to contend and be patient with me and my weary, muddled brain. So, he gets to decide what we do, and we shall do it. Rest, rest and a little more rest. Catching up with the various friends I’ve been neglecting lately and who’ve been quietly cheering me on in the background. (Y’all rock!) And, a little knitting, of course.

Mostly, it’s just nice to enjoy a few days free from the stress of impending deadlines and demands whilst juggling the busy holiday season. Most likely, it won’t last, not that I’d want it to. I’ll enjoy it whilst I can, though. I’ll enjoy it very, very much.

I love my work, and I love being busy. But, we can all use a little reprieve now and again. Finding a happy medium between work and life is necessary and I’ve not always been successful in finding that balance. I’m working on it. But…, it ain’t easy when one is a freelancer.

For now though, the pendulum swings in favour of rest, and, this girl’s break begins in five… four… three… two… one…

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