Day 52: Proekt 365 (Sweetness in the morning)

Day 52: Proekt 365 Sweetness in the Morning

Day 52: Proekt 365
Sweetness in the Morning

Today was an odd day. I woke up entirely too early (~5 am) and in a rather annoyed mood. The mood subsided quickly, but by about 14.00 this afternoon I needed much more caffeine and a disco nap. My plan for a proper vehicle for the go-go juice didn’t quick work out as I’d hoped or intended, and there was no disco nap. First World Problems at their finest, eh?

It wasn’t a bad day at all. Just surreal, largely due to a lack of sleep which resulted in a complete inability to focus or make a quick decision of any kind.

But, all of the best-laid plans which didn’t quite work out and all the annoyances of the day don’t really matter.

I snapped this photo this morning as my darling furry beast slept sweetly and soundly with my other not nearly so furry un-beast. It melts my heart now along with all the annoyances of the day immediately, just as it did when I saw them this morning. As I opened the photo this evening, I could also hear her sweet somber-induced snores — The Cat’s not The Cuban’s (yes, she does snore, and quite loudly, too!)

My family. My sweet, sweet family.

2 thoughts on “Day 52: Proekt 365 (Sweetness in the morning)

  1. My big ginger cat, Boddington, lived with me for 17 years. He suffered house moves and sharing with other animals, many long walks and sometimes followed me to work. He also snored. Partly because he slept on his back.
    One night my landlady took a cricket bat and slowly crept downstairs, believing that someone was breaking in at our back door.
    But no. Lying on his back in the middle of the large scrubbed pine kitchen table, my ginger boy was rumbling away, completely oblivious of the concern he had roused. The table seemed to work as an amplifier and so the sound was more like that of a fully grown gorilla, growling.

    We did laugh!

    • What a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing! Cats are hilarious to me. Che Fufu most of all! 🙂

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