Day 44: Proekt 365 (Snail mail surprise)

Day 44: Proekt 365 Surprise snail mail

Day 44: Proekt 365
Surprise snail mail

Remember snail mail? Yeah…other than bills, junk mail and the occasional order from, me neither.

Today, though, this little postcard of sweetness dropped through our mail slot with a few bits of junk mail. What a treat it was to see — the postcard, not the junk mail!

A close and dear friend once again planned ahead when I did not and sent this to show me her gratitude for our friendship in honour of 14 February — otherwise known as ‘Friendship Day’ (Ystävänpäivä) and a Finnish tradition which I gladly embrace, but always forget. The caption on the card reads: ‘Friendship makes the world a better place’.

Indeed, it does. And so do pictures of cute, adorable cuddly kittens!