Day 51: Proekt 365 ( A new do)

Day 51: Proekt 365 Something there is that loves a new do

Day 51: Proekt 365
Something there is that loves a new do

(NB: I realise this is my second post today, but I’m trying to catch up and post on the proper day rather than a day or two later. Best laid plans and all…:))

Perhaps this won’t mean much to the fellas out there. But, there is nothing quite like getting a new hair cut.

For me, the last time I’d gotten the ‘works’ (cut, colour, style, head massage, etc.) was more than a year ago. For whatever reason, I just hadn’t gotten around to calling my trusty stylist, and months became a year. What a reunion it was.

Juuso is my third stylist in Helsinki. He will be my last. Whenever The Cuban and I decide to leave here, I will want to take Juuso with me simple because he has yet to disappoint me. A friend of mine described his technique as akin to trimming a bonsai. He is so meticulous, so careful with each snip and so incredibly thorough. I never really know if he is done until he takes the drape off and hands me the mirror for the final inspection and approval. And, what’s most important, he always, always, always seems to know precisely what I want done, even when I am not entirely sure myself. In his words, ‘simple, hip and hippie’.

Yeap. That sums it up perfectly.

Today’s reunion was just what this girl needed. I may still look pale and pasty and desperately in need of some sunshine (and iron). But, something as simple as a bit of TLC for the hair made my day. Thank you, Juuso! See you in 2-3 months!

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