I am woman.

I am generally proud to be a woman. And I’m immensely proud of the matriarchs in my family I followed. Admittedly, my life has been relatively easy as a middle-class white woman, despite the sexism and misogyny that continues to pervade this period of #metoo and #timesup awakening.

But good grief. I’m also, daily, outraged. Not necessarily for myself. But for those women and girls who have no voice.

Who are subjugated and relegated to lives they do not decide for themselves.

Who are not believed when they name their harassers and aggressors and abusers.

Who are made to pull double duty as professionals and primary carers because that’s ‘women’s work’. And yet who still feel less than valued and inadequate.

Who are valued less than men or boys.

I am a woman and a proud feminist. And all I’ve ever wanted is to be equal.

On this International Women’s Day, I celebrate me, and all women. We are amazing.

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