Gentle reminders…

The past few weeks (months?) have been an exercise in plodding through and continuing onward. To what and where are not exactly clear, but that’s secondary.

As I continue to process ‘life’ for want of a better descriptive and work through various ‘issues’, I share two links which I have gone back to repeatedly in the past few days.

First, a gentle and beautiful reminder to us all from the lovely Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush:

Give those near and dear to you a hug and tell them that you love them and appreciate them and are proud of who they are. You never know when your chance to do so one last time has passed. Or, simply listen and know that you are not alone.

Second, a quick read which provides much fodder for all of us and an incredibly useful inventory of steps which have absolutely zero to do with flat abs. I don’t think any of these steps are particularly easy; but I do think we could all benefit from taking them to heart and attempting to make them a part of our daily lives and mindset. I know I could. If doing so leads to flatter abs, m’okay.

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